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Jurassic Park Style Ride – Roller Coaster Tycoon World

Jurassic Park Ride Video - RCTW

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This Jurassic Park ride is the first roller coaster I built in Roller Coaster Tycoon World (Early Access). It is the third version of the ride as the first two had to be abandoned due to issues with performance and frames per second (FPS).

My goal with the ride was to "tell a story." And that story is...

You have gotten onto the most amazing ride in the history of Earth - one that takes you on a journey into the home of living and breathing dinosaurs!

The ride is narrated, throughout. But sometimes the narration doesn't exactly match what you are seeing. For example, when approaching the Raptor exhibit, the announcer says you can usually see about a dozen raptors on the pyramid at any time. There are only two. He then talks about how the Raptors are contemplating an escape, but you are safe...

Yet after you go through the "Ruins of Basla" things start to really get weird. The announcer says that if you look "through the reinforced fences," you are likely to see Raptors. However, the Raptors are clearly on the outside of the reinforced fences! And they are watching you... closely...

You then start to go through a tunnel to the T-REX exhibit. While the narration is playing you see four raptors on the ground in the tunnel and they start "barking." It's clear they are formulating a strategy.

The T-REX Exhibit
Ah... you've reached the T-REX exhibit. This I tried to make look similar to the scene from the original Jurassic Park movies. You have two Jurassic Park jeeps outside the "feeding" area of the T-REX and a bathroom close by. Nothing good ever happens in that bathroom.

As you pass the jeep, the narration is cut off and the ride operator comes on to warn you that the T-REX exhibit has been breached. If you look closely, you see a "broken" fence with sparks shooting from it and a red light. This T-REX is clearly loose and the people in the roller coaster cars look a lot more tasty than the cow in the feeding area (yes, we have a cow there):

As you round the corner, you hear the ride operator come on again saying to remain calm (even though he doesn't sound calm). The curious thing is that at the end of his statement you hear him whisper, "What the..."  Now, you may think it is because the coaster is approaching a jeep that is on fire, but the real reason he says "What the..." is because he sees Raptors loose and coming towards the station.

Now the coaster speeds up. Remember how the narrator earlier said there were 5 T-REXs in the exhibit? You saw one at the open fence, another in the image above. And now you're about to meet the other three!

As you pass the first T-REX, you hear his roar to the left. You then go through a Hammerhead turn which brings you back the same direction you came from and lo and behold... another T-REX (roar on the right).  It's when you enter the third Hammerhead turn that you hear the ride operator yell for you not to return to the station because raptors have taken it over. You hear people screaming in the background, followed by the ride operator letting out a final scream then nothing but static...

The Final Scene
At this time you pass your final T-REX. The ride slows as nothing but a musical tension score is heard. Moonlight shines through the trees. As you round the corner, the station approaches. You see nothing at first. Then as you approach the station, a light shows a Raptor in clear view! As the coaster passes between the light a shadow goes over the first Raptor. Whew... the car is going a little fast for that one. But wait! A second Raptor is dead ahead and he is eyeing you. Before you can let out a yell he has eaten you and the screen goes black!

Real or Fake?
One of the debates I faced early on in the creation of the ride is weather it would be "real" or "fake." Meaning, is this disaster being faked as part of the ride or is it really happening? I settled in "this is really happening." You are on the last ever "Jurassic Park" ride. Something has gone terribly wrong!

Hidden Story Elements

  • When going past the Raptor exhibit the narrator says you can see about a dozen on the pyramid at any time. But there are only two. Where are the others? Well, you actually saw a couple of silent ones on the ground in the Brachiosaurus exhibit (go back and check if you didn't see them). When you get past the Ruins of Basla there are some on the rocks, ground, and even one on top of a large King Kong skull head. If you look closely, one of the lights on the gates is lit (indicating a problem). Four more Raptors are in the tunnel and several more are headed to the station to greet you when the ride returns.
  • Because the coaster cam is facing straight forward (and I didn't want to move it during the ride), you only get a glimpse of the T-REX that has breached the exhibit. But if you look closely while the ride is going past you will see, at the top of the fence, sparks, smoke, and red flashes.
  • While the trucks in front of the T-REX exhibit are from "Jurassic Park," the one that is on fire is from "Jurassic World."

This ride took several weeks to create. And to date it is the only "roller coaster ride" I've created in Roller Coaster Tycoon World. In another post, I'll talk about how it was created and answer questions like... "how did you do the burning jeep?" "how did you get the roller coaster to go so slow?" "How did you get the fire in the holders in the Jurassic Park gate?" "How did you get the narration track?" "Where did you get the music?" All of that and more... after this commercial break...

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